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IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser
Unlock your enterprise data and reduce vulnerabilities from risky websites

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Control access to the Web on mobile devices

IBM® MaaS360® Secure Mobile Browser gives your employees protected access to corporate intranet sites and networks with no VPN required.

You can also reduce the vulnerability your mobile devices have to risky websites that may contain malware, violate Human Resources (HR) policies or simply waste your users’ precious time.

With MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser, organizations can specify categories of content that they want to prevent users from accessing, including social networking sites, download sites, and explicit sites. It has 60+ categories of filtering criteria, with millions of URLs categorized.

Specific URLs can be set to filter access to appropriate websites. Through IBM® MaaS360® Device Management policies and blacklisting, native or third-party browsers can be disabled.

MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser can send emails to administrators in near real time, alerting them of attempts to access these sites.

With MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser you get:

  • A cloud-based, centralized management platform
  • Easy-to-use policy creation and remote over-the-air (OTA) assignment
  • Protected access to corporate intranet sites and network without device VPN
  • Mobilization of SharePoint, JIRA, internal wikis, legacy ERP systems and more
  • Continuous protection via interception of browser traffic
  • Restriction of URLs by category and allowing access to specific URLs
  • Blocking of known malware and malicious websites using a scanning engine and reputation database
  • Disabling of cookies, printing, file downloads, and copy and paste
  • Customizable blocking, near real-time notification, exception and reporting options

Key benefits

  • Deploy a robust web browser that protects corporate data and increases productivity for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
  • Use a centralized management platform that provides your employees with protected access to corporate intranet sites and networks with no VPN required
  • Control the mobile internet experience through granular security policies
  • Prevent attacks and malware from malicious websites
  • Overcome your mobile web challenges that cover a wide range of business needs


Control the mobile internet experience

MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser is a robust web browser for smartphones and tablets. It has an intuitive user interface that includes tabbed browsing, bookmarks, search, share and history features. There are many ways to build on MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser in your organization to reduce the vulnerability of your users’ mobile devices, prevent violations to HR policies or focus user attention.

  • Shared healthcare provider devices: Safeguard patient records and optimize utilization of shared devices by your health workers by focusing on medical reference and point-of-care websites, and by providing access to intranet sites without needing a device VPN connection.
  • Dedicated retail point-of-sale (POS) devices: Improve the productivity of your retail staff and protect on-device data by locking down your POS devices to specific websites for checkout, inventory lookup or web store availability.
  • Shared teaching devices: Focus student attention by restricting access to explicit websites for shared learning devices in the classroom, a priority for educational institutions to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulations.
  • Hospitality concierge devices: Increase the efficiency of your hospitality staff by limiting devices to checking in or out, viewing facility amenities and accessing local weather or traffic.
  • Event demo devices: Boost the utility of your demo staff by allowing access to only a few, select websites at your kiosk.
MaaS360 console browser settings

Browser configuration settings

  • Configure as the default browser
  • Apply MaaS360 container security policies
  • Disable cookies and file downloads
  • Restrict copy, paste and printing
  • Enable browser kiosk mode
  • Set a default home page and custom bookmarks
blocked website notification

User and administration notification settings

  • Send custom text or HTML notifications to users when they try to access a prohibited URL blocked
  • Redirect users to a specific URL when policies are violated
  • Send a notification to your administration when a user is blocked
  • Define how many times a user can be blocked before the administration notification is sent
website category filter settings

Website filter settings

  • Select URL categories to allow, block and track
  • Choose from 60+ categories with millions of URLs
  • Allow exceptions based on the domain name or URL
  • Blacklist specific websites
Browser Violations report

Device-specific and company reports

  • View summary, graphical reports of category and domain blocked and tracked history
  • Access detailed reports of specific device block and tracked domain history

Proactive web security

MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser protects data and increases productivity by controlling access to public websites and corporate intranet sites for iOS and Android devices.

It restricts or allows users to access websites based on categories you specify, including:

  • Advertisements and pop-ups
  • Anonymizers
  • Botnets
  • Chat
  • Criminal activity
  • Dating and personals
  • Download sites
  • Entertainment
  • Explicit
  • Forums and newsgroups
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Hacking
  • Image sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Malware
  • News
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Phishing and fraud
  • Shopping
  • Social networking
  • Sports
  • Streaming media and downloads
  • And more

Enjoy ease of management:

  • Flexible policy creation framework
  • Customizable policy assignment
  • Integration with MaaS360 Mobile Device Management for optimized control (optional)


Download the MaaS360 Secure Browser Datasheet (PDF).


MaaS360 Products
MaaS360 Mobile Device Management
Secure Browser
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